Fact vs Fiction – Researching my Favorite Animal

Subject Science, Language Arts
Grades Primary grades
Overview: Students explore a variety of sources of information when studying their favorite animal and investigate how the different sources generate different meanings and interpretations.  They use the ladder of inference as a framework for this thinking process.  Sources of information include picture books, resource books, videos, and zoo observations. Students write an expository research report that describes what they have learned about their animal.  In the report, students distinguish between factual information which can be verified versus opinion.
ST Concepts & Habits Concepts:

  • Structure generates behavior
  • Mental model

Habits of a systems thinker:

  • Considers how mental models affect current reality and the future
ST Tools
  • Ladder of inference
Standards Identify, analyze, and apply knowledge of the purpose, structures, and elements of expository text.
Identify a variety of sources (e.g., trade books, encyclopedias, magazines, electronic sources, textbooks) that may be used to answer specific questions and/or gather information.
Locate specific information from graphic features (e.g., charts, maps, diagrams, illustrations, tables, timelines) of expository text.

Implemented by: Ginger Snider

Submitted by: Tracy Benson

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