Topic Guided Reading – Increasing Comprehension
Subject Reading
Grades 4th
Overview: I used a book in one of my reading groups called Cam Jansen and the Triceratops Pops Mystery. We are concentrating on choosing the important details and we are using a BOTG to help us remember the sequence of the story.  After we read a chapter, we discuss the important clues (details) that there were in the story and then plot these on a behavior over time graph.  Pointing out the details and discussing the level of concern has assisted them in more readily remembering the sequence.
ST Concepts & Habits Concepts:

  • Patterns and trends
ST Tools
  • Behavior-over-time Graph
Standards Comprehension

  • summarizes a story with important details and appropriate sequence
  • interprets traits, feelings, and motives of characters

Implemented by: Terri Howes

Submitted by: Cheryl Kiburz

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