Topic Setting and Working Toward Goals
Subject All
Grades 4th-adult
Overview: Through a hands-on activity, students experience the process of determining their current skill level, setting a goal, identifying practice and technique strategies, and monitoring and adjusting their progress toward their goal.  Students monitor and debrief their progress using a behavior-over-time graph and a goal-gap causal loop diagram. The activity involves the student balancing a cone constructed from newspaper on the palm of their hand. Using a rubric to score success, each student runs 4 trials, graphs the results and participates in a debriefing session.
ST Concepts & Habits Concepts:

  • Change over time
  • Interdependencies
  • Balancing relationships
ST Tools
  • Behavior-over-time graph
  • Causal loop diagram
Standard Students direct themselves as they strive for personal excellence.

Implemented by: Julie Guerrero and Joan Scurran

Submitted by: Catalina Foothills School District

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