Topic Teamwork – Squaring the Circle
Subject Any
Grades Middle School
Overview:  Students in class are divided into two groups to complete the “Squaring the Circle” activity from the The Systems Thinking Playbook (Booth Sweeney and Meadows).  A debrief of the activity using BOTGs and CLDs helps students explore aspects of “team learning” in order to improve teamwork on an upcoming project.


ST Concepts & Habits Concepts:

  • Interdependencies
  • Structure generates behavior

Habits of a systems thinker

  • Considers an issue fully and resisting the urge to come to a quick conclusion.
  • Checks results and changing actions if needed: “successive approximation”
ST Tools Kinesthetic activity
Standards Students apply collaborative skills to pursue individual and/or group goals.

Implemented by: Beth Horn and Anne LaVigne

Submitted by: Anne LaVigne

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