Overview: This section includes strategies for developing lessons that focus on the definition and characteristics of a system and the relevance of studying systems in K-12 curriculum.

Lesson Objectives

Curriculum Context

Systems Thinking Concepts

  • Students will be able to define system

  • Students will be able to define dynamic system

  • Given a list, students will be able to identify dynamic systems and explain their choices

Lessons exploring the definition and/or characteristics of a system are applicable in any curricular areas in which systems are studied, e.g. health/physical education (body systems), science (physical and biological systems), history (government and social systems).  This lesson provides an introduction to further study of relevant systems.

  • system

  • dynamic system



Systems Thinking Tool(s)

  • The Art of Systems Thinking
    (ISBN 72253446)
  • When A Butterfly Sneezes 
    (ISBN 1883823528)
  • Systems One 
    (SA Carlton, Publisher)
  • Systems Thinking Basics
    (ISBN 1883823129)
  • Introduction to Systems Thinking (ISBN 188382334x)
  • 60-180 minutes

  • None required

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