Listed below are websites providing background information, support for systems thinking and/or related best practice in PK-12 education. A brief description and link to each site is provided.


Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
This website is a resource for articles on educational best practice and systems thinking.


Borton Primary Magnet School
Borton Primary Magnet School is a PK-2 School that employees systems thinking throughout the curriculum. Borton was the Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Teacher Forum Winner for its work involving systems thinking.


CC Modeling Systems
CC Modeling Systems provides resources and examples for using system dynamics computer modeling with students.


Creative Learning Exchange
The Creative Learning Exchange encourages a view of education for primary and secondary schools based on discovery as the essence of the learning process and advocates systems education implemented through learner-centered learning.


Designs for Thinking
Designs for Thinking consulting group focuses on visual tools for thinking which includes their Visual Tools for Thinking Program, Thinking Schools International and Thinking Maps Software.


Donella Meadows Institute
The Institute focuses on applying systems thinking concepts and tools, dynamic modeling and organizational learning practices to economic, environmental and social challenges.


Donella Meadows Archive
This is a public collection of the work of Donella (Dana) Meadows. Through her writing and speaking, Dana helped people understand global systems with long delays and complex feedbacks, while also inspiring many to think about individual choices in daily living. Here you will find 15 years worth of essays published in the award winning, weekly Global Citizen column.


Habits of Mind
This website provides resources to support the understanding and use of the Habits of Mind.


isee systems
Visit this website for information about the purchase and use of STELLA® Computer modeling software and for examples and guidelines for computer models.


Maryland Virtual High School
Maryland Virtual High School has a project featuring core computer models and other examples of dynamic modeling use.


PD2GO – A Project of Early Education Effectiveness Exchange
Access a series of “packs” to see application of systems thinking in early childhood settings.


Society for Organizational Learning
An international learning community composed of organizations, individuals, and local SoL communities around the world with the purpose to discover, integrate and implement theories and practices of organizational learning.